Monday, July 25, 2005

11 AM. Already 90 degrees. Heat index 100. It isn't supposed to be that hot here. It is supposed to be a good 5 degrees cooler here than in NC where Rich is. But its only 83 there.

I decided against flying for lunch today, in favor of air conditioning.

Debriefed with Joe over the phone. He accomplished his long solo cross-country flight yesterday, but when he returned, I was already gone to Williamsburg. Joe had been lacking a little bit of confidence- in this case, stemming from his recognition of how many ways something can go wrong on a flight.

But he managed to fly to Charlottesville, VA, then Martinsburg, WV, and back, and enjoyed himself the whole way. Now his confidence is up, his knowledge is good, and his flight skills are almost ready. His checkride may happen in the next week or two, and might still be under 50 hours total. Really good regardless, but great considering there was 7 hours of flying that we did purely for fun along the way, which was beyond the requirements and his needs. Save for that, he would be going to checkride at about 42 hours.


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