Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another good day

I like to get a solid four or five hours of flying in a day. Makes me feel like I've actually done something. So today was nice. After that long weekend at the beginning of the month, I'd had trouble getting back into the groove of it.

That seems to be my thing. I'm a high-inertia system. If I'm sleeping, I like to keep sleeping. Once I'm up, that is where I want to be. When working, I keep doing that. But once I get a vacation, I have trouble ending that vacation.

So I'm back in the groove here. Flying the CT-SW is keeping it fun, and giving me just that little extra bit of income that will help buy new tires for the car before long. Or that fuel pump which I think may be bad. Or the replacement timing belt which is hopefully not going to fail just yet.

We are going to explore as many different hundred-dollar hamburger options as posible inthe coming months. That will be fun too. Airports I haven't visited yet. All the time, getting paid to have fun. What a life.


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