Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back to the air

After the pre-thunderstorm landing, my next student showed up, but not to fly. He is smarter than that. So we talked a little bit about the prep we will be doing for his checkride. Hopefully we can get that completed by the first week of August. I had a few minutes to spare to relax before the last student of the day. Mr. Complication.

He is starting to come around, and may do ok. He won't be setting any records for fast learning, but with a little bit of focus, he will get there. We spent our time going back over the slow flight, stalls, steep turns and all that stuff.

I always enjoy flying an hour or two after a storm. As long as the cloud cover doesn't prevent it, you end up with good visibility, and often very calm winds. So it went alright. I don't often have students that confused over certain simple things though. Communication will be a tricky one for him. That will take a lot of work.

And so, my 13-hour workday is complete, and I get to sleep a little to ready myself for another one.


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