Saturday, July 23, 2005


Finally got a moment to breathe. A short 15 minutes of break before the next thing.

Neither of the student cross-country flights got to go. Both decided against flying through the haze. That left me 20 minutes to get ready for my next student- a helicopter student who is wanting to add on the fixed-wing rating. He showed up early, and wanted a change of plans. He brought his father along, to get a flight review. That changed things a bit, and made the schedule a little tighter. His father had barely flown in 19 years. That is usually a siren, warning me to remind the individual that the one hour of flight and the one hour ground review are minimums. This guy did well though. I would wager, if I put him in his own Grumman, he'd fly it easily. So this week, he gets to study up on the new airspace definitions (things have changed a lot since 1986). Next Satruday we do the ground portion, and get him endorsed.


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