Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Flew the CT-SW again this morning. That was a good start to the day. We are having trouble figuring out the EFIS, so we worked on that for a few minutes, finally deciding that the error messages implied a problem with the software, not with my lack of familiarity with the thing. So we bailed on that plan, and flew around a bit.

The plane has weather uplink on it, so we wandered over toward a radar return showing light rain, until the rain started, then we swung back and played around in the traffic pattern. I find that plane to handle landings best when we come in on final approach at 50 knots, with just a little bit of power (short-field style). You can nail the spot landing every time like that. After flying, the student bought me lunch again, and we discussed more of the business development plans.

My next flight was cancelled, due to that same small band of rain which was moving very slowly, but had just arrived at the airport. The rain was not much of an issue, but the clouds moving in were less than 2,000 feet above ground, preventing us from doing any significant maneuvering.

I don't really mind though; we need the rain.


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