Wednesday, July 13, 2005

flight reviews

Morning brings the chance to add another model of aircraft to those I have flown. I'm conducting a biannual flight review with a guy who owns a Cessna 182. Never have flown one of those yet. I had a couple chances, such as when I was flying parachute jumpers, but just never did. I only flew jumpers for a day, just filling in to help out. I know some of the people that run the jump operations at Louisa Co. Airport & Orange Co. Airport. They had a new pilot who was very inexperienced in multi-engine planes, so they had me riding along to help out where needed in their C90. I could have flown their C182 then, but didn't.

I always wonder, before a BFR, how the pilot will do. I've seen some very talented ones, and I've seen pilots that caused me to seriously wonder why there are not more crashes. The worst I had was a couple years ago, with a guy I had flown with once. He scared me, frankly. His instrument procedures were performed by rote, with no sense of what the actual instrument procedures were. His knowledge was less than what I would expect from a pre-solo student. Naturally, I told him to go home and study before we went any farther. As frustrating to me as it is to say that, I refuse to have an accident on my conscience, knowing I could have prevented it.

I greatly prefer to see them pass. I guess that is a glimpse of what flight examiners go through. I have always held it in my mind as a possible future goal, to be a designated examiner. I'm sure there are many variations, but I've known about 15 different examiners, and they all really wanted the students to pass. Same thing today for me. I get to add a different make & model to my experience, and I really want him to do well.

As the status of the BFR pends, I will leave you with a photo I took near Massanutten resort, located 10 nautical miles northeast of the airport.


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