Sunday, July 24, 2005

Food, as an excuse to fly

Came in today to endorse Joe for his long solo cross-country. Had a student for 6pm, but that was it. DC came in and wanted to get a late lunch, so we got in the CT and headed to Williamsburg, VA.

Well, thought we were heading out. We got on the runway and accelerated, but the airspeed indicator was barely indicating anything. Aborted the takeoff. A little bit of checking, and we tried again, same result. Called the mechanic. He had removed the EFIS, because it was not working properly. Turned out, he had not bothered to close up the tube that runs from the pitot tube, to the airspeed and the EFIS. So I had to dig around behind the panel, find the open line, and tape it up. Then all was good, and we were able to head out again, this time with no problems.

I've been there for lunch a few times. Excellent food, and they did not disappoint today, except for one thing: they were out of seafood bisque. Whenever I've been there, that's what I want. Really good stuff. It is a tiny bit expensive for my personal budget, but DC pays anyway. On the return, we made a slight detour through Orange County.

He is now on board with my plan to get to every other public airport in Virginia that I haven't yet visited. Also with my general plan to find places to fly to, for the official purpose of getting a meal. He gets a lot out of flying to different airports. Sometimes he needs to simply absorb the whole process, without hurrying to learn everything he can on any given flight. My list of remaining airports has shrunk to 12 paved and 3 grass strips. Next trip to Tangier, we will hop across the bay and knock off one paved and one grass before returning. Tuesday, the plan is to do a proper tour of the entire southwestern portion of the state. Then all that will remain are a couple places just south of Washington.

Three hours of flying, a delicious lunch, and home in time to be ready for my 6pm flight.


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