Saturday, July 16, 2005

Former friends, part II

The changes lasted all of one week.

I didn't bother saying anything at that point. I had given him all I could justify. So I quietly worked on my other plans, and three months later, left. No notice, no phone call. As testament to how rarely he showed up, it took him almost a week to even find out.

Needless to say, there was a bit of quiet animosity at that point. Chris himself, wasn't the entire problem though. But as the owner, he bore responsibility for allowing the other problems to continue. Most of the other issues can be traced directly back to Tom, who was "helping." What Tom was really doing, was helping himself. He had sold the school to Chris two years before, but kept himself in a position to oversee the whole operation even afterward. He took flights on the side, and generally lined his own pocket. If Chris had only showed up now and then, he would have seen it. It only took another couple months after I left, before Tom orchestrated a forced buyout, which kept him pulling the puppet-strings, without any monetary interest in the company.

I think a good bit of Chris' anger was then directed back on Tom, leaving him perhaps a bit ambivalent about me. But we still hadn't spoken until today. No real issues. I guess a lot of that is water under the bridge. We both know there were problems. But that is all over and done. We can be friendly now.

We both suspect that the current owners will not succeed any better than he did, as long as Tom runs the place. Chris is working on dealing with his outstanding debts now, and looking into other areas of aviation. Maybe this time, a bit wiser about business, he will succeed.


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