Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fun flights are a necessity

I had thought my day was over, but I spoke to Scott (the owner of the airplanes), and he wanted to go flying. I always enjoy flying with him. He is so relaxed, and he is a lot better a pilot than he believes himself to be. When I first started flying with him, he had 250 hours, most of it five years before. He had finally gotten a private helicopter license, and wanted to finish up the fixed-wing also. One of the easiest endorsements I've ever done.

Now, most of our flying consists of either wandering around the valley here, enjoying the view, or instrument flights on business trips. But either way, I get to do a good bit of flying. On the way to any business meeting, he knows his mind won't be on flying the plane, so I do the majority of it. Last trip, up into Pennsylvania, that gave me a chance to shoot a GPS approach right down to the minimums, and get within 10 seconds of declaring a missed approach before finding the place. Always good to get practice like that.

Tonight was the relaxed kind of flying, so we wandered around with his wife in the back seat, just enjoying the view. He ends up sharing the landings with me, so we take turns, which naturally leads me to challenge him to a spot landing contest. And sometimes he wins. Tonight was just a power-off glide kind of evening. With the prop feathered, the DA40 glides a good long way, so there is nothing too hard about them.

An additional note, this flight puts me over the 1,700 flight hour mark. Not that it matters anymore. I'm qualified for pilot-in-command on charter under instruments, I could take the ATP test any time I want. So really, the hours don't mean a whole lot.


At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey those are great pictures, where did you get those pics from? Camera phone?

At 3:28 PM, Blogger also-known-as said...

Rich took most of them with his digital cam. He wields that camera with the strength of a hundred average photographers.


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