Friday, July 29, 2005

The Grapevine

Word of the crash has finally made it all around the airport here, and on to several other friends. One friend in Florida just called. Another friend, based here, told him. I hadn't talked to either of them since Tuesday, but word gets around the campfire pretty quickly at this airport. I suppose that is the case anywhere. Amazingly, the fourth-hand version of the story is remarkably similar to the original. Only a few minor details changed along the way.

My eyes are a little more swollen every day now. The bump I took on the left shin stays sore. Otherwise, it all feels ok. DC and I are looking to try to fly back down to that airport, for a couple reasons. I want to reinspect the scene, to see if I can decide what the difference is between our version and the FAA's. And we need to get the avionics out of the plane before the insurance company takes it. The avionics are worth about $40,000, and were not included in the insurance declarations. When it was insured, the plane didn't even have a radio. Just the necessary engine and flight instruments required by regulation. (14 CFR 91.205). So those are fair game, if I can convince the FAA investigator to let us remove them.

I've been trying to get back to flying here, ever since returning. Wednesday's flights had to be cancelled to let me get settled back. The weather would not have allowed it anyway. (A storm came through that produced 90-mph winds). Yesterday's flights had to be cancelled for weather. Today I was supposed to fly with the airport manager this morning, but fog prevented that. Still instrument conditions here, so the next two flights are looking to be rescheduled also.


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