Thursday, July 07, 2005

Having your income directly tied to the caprices of weather, makes for interesting variations in the size of paychecks. After five days off, I was looking forward to the work, but the remnants of a tropical storm changed that.

I had a flight scheduled today that would have taken most of the day, flying out to Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay, then returning through Richmond. There goes 5 hours of income. A double shame, because Tangier is one of the few remaining airports in Virginia that I have not visited. Plus, flying across the bay in good weather supplies you with a gorgeous view.

Mike was unable to finish the checkride today, but got it rescheduled for the weekend. So with time to spare, he went to practice before the rain started, and I rode along as ballast. If he performs that well for the examiner, I'll have yet another successful endorsement. I really shouldn't concern myself as much as I do. My pass rates are over 90%, significantly better than the average. But every one of them is important to my perfectionist mindset. The examiner knows me very well, and knows I never send a student to him unless the student is ready. I don't cut corners. So that makes for a more relaxed examiner, and results in a more relaxed student.

My only remaining flight for the day is still questionable. So I have nothing to do but wait and see.


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