Thursday, July 28, 2005

Head Trauma, part one

How do you manage to convince yourself of something completely different than what your brain tells you? That's the dilemma I've been wrestling with for the last two hours. Invariably, coffee helps.

Today, the FAA inspector went to the crash site to start investigating. I should back up though.

When I viewed the scene myself, I had a number of thoughts. I was partly just trying to piece together what happened, to solidify it in my brain. Always a tough thing to do when you've hit your head. The elaboration of events, as I wrote them, was exactly the way my brain processed it, and just an expansion of the narrative I filed with the FAA. I was having trouble deciding exactly where the plane touched down though.

At one point, I thought we had glided a couple seconds, and touched just before the rut. But I had a vague memory of the feeling of brushing through the grass for a moment before we flipped over. So I was fine with the decision that we had rolled for 100 feet or so first.

The FAA came to an entirely different conclusion though.


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