Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hello grey skies

Grey skies, nothing but grey skies.........

It is VFR at least, but not enough to act on the lesson plan for my student today. So, time for a new plan. Unless it clears up significantly, we will be working only in the traffic pattern. No solo cross-country for her. Maybe a good day of ground instruction would be better though. She has some serious weaknesses with regard to the studying, and that has to be addressed soon. I told her this on Tuesday.

This is partly my fault for not doing more ground instruction with her, but I often give the student a chance to do mostly self-study when they feel they are up to the challenge. But what little ground instruction I gave her the other day, tells me that her studying has fallen by the wayside.

I truly understand how that can happen, when a student is trying to juggle a job, family, and all kinds of other things, while trying to sneak a little flying in on the side. I had that problem myself when I started my training. Working 60 hours a week, commuting two hours a day. Didn't leave much time for anything else. It became much easier when I quit the job and started flying full-time. Still, I get frustrated by it.

My night flight was cancelled yesterday. We held out hope until 8pm, then it became obvious that the sky was the last place you would want to be on that particular evening. Following the standard weather pattern of the local area (which I discussed yesterday), the storms had us completely surrounded, but there was nothing right over the airport. Still, I like to keep a wider berth from the lightning and turbulence and all that other fun stuff, so we decided to try for tonight. Now it appears that we might have more of the same in store this time around.


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