Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm feeling much better now. I finally got the sleep I needed. 10 hours of being dead to the world generally helps that way. The weather is questionable today, but improving. Right now, we have overcast skies everywhere except directly overhead the airport, where the sun is shining through. A good rain like that is always nice, because it clears away the summer haze layer. Without it, we are stuck with 4-5 miles visibility; today it is at least 20 miles.

The forecasts all call for improving skies through the day. I don't always believe them, but I think today they have it right, which means I get to do some flying. First student of the day is a guy I knew from when I taught at the competing school located on the other end of this hangar. The plan, as far as I know, is to fly his shared Cherokee 6. I love those things. They aren't graceful, they aren't pretty. They don't fly very fast. But if you want a pure, unadulterated workhorse plane, it is perfect. Plus, they actually have legroom. I'm 6' 2", and most planes are at the very least, a snug fit. But if I slide the seat back in this one, I can't quite touch the rudder pedals.

I'm not quite sure what the guy wants to do today in the plane. I know he isn't quite comfortable yet flying it by himself. He mostly flies a Piper Archer, which is good, but not nearly as powerful. When you bump up from 180 horsepower to 300, it changes things a bit. So we are probably just flying around locally and practicing maneuvers. Whatever we are doing, it will be fun.


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