Thursday, July 07, 2005

In retrospect, it has been a long day. It started about 6AM, and now, 15 hours later, all that remains is to go home and sleep for a few hours, and be up again at 5:30.

The last flight of the day was an introductory flight. I always love those, because most people are floored at how beautiful the world can be from a few thousand feet up. This time, we managed to capture a gorgeous sunset also. Another of those things that looks even better from high up.

Between the first student and the last though, I had my share of adventure. Headed out to a gas station to grab a snack. The car hadn't moved in 5 days, and it was time to get it moving, plus resupply the left rear tire with air. It tends to leak, and I am so cheap about it, I end up just adding air every couple days. On the return trip though, the car wouldn't start. Well, it would start up, then choke itself off and die.

Rich- aside from being a business partner- is also a former auto mechanic and knows a lot more than I do, so on his advice I started troubleshooting. After removing the fuel line from the fuel filter, and beginning to suspect something along the lines of vapor lock, I tightened it all up again, and tried the engine. Roared to life, except fuel was also spraying all over the hot engine. I did manage to stop it before starting a fire. ("Roaring" is not normally a term associated with the engine in a standard Honda Civic, but my bad muffler gives it a bit of that effect).

A little more troubleshooting, and I discovered that I had inavertently torn a hole in the filter. Time for a new one. I called a sherriffs officer friend of mine at the airport, and he picked me up, dropping me off at my boss's other office, where I borrowed his company Jeep to go get a new filter.

More running all around, and an hour later I was back at the car attempting to change all this stuff out. Now, I am not a mechanic. I'm probably not even good enough at that stuff to play one on tv. This time though, I managed to get it done. 6pm, I found myself with an operable car again, but drenched in sweat, fuel and grease.

I find it funny that my life involves so many serendipitous events, often timed perfectly. I have a shower right by my office, so I was able to clean up. Since I hadn't made it home yet after the vacation, I had a change of clothes, shampoo and soap all handy. So when my student showed up at 7:30, I was all cleaned up again.

Some days it just all works out, despite all my attempts to mess it up.


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