Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Juggling Act

I was looking forward to sleeping in at least until 7 this morning, but I got a phone call at 8 last night. I was just minding my own business, vegetating on the television to stage 13 of the Tour de France, watching Lance Armstrong and Company cruise along in no particular hurry.

But Mrs. Complication called. She needed me to fly her up to Frederick, MD this morning, to pick up her husband's airplane. Riding along, will be the former owner of the flight school I left a year ago. He hasn't spoken to me in almost a year now. Not really sure if he is still holding a grudge or what. His bigger grudge, justifiably- is the current manager of that flight school. He was the former owner before selling it to this guy, but he stuck around, and frankly, caused problems. He is crooked. Takes money on the side, really doesn't look out for the interests of the school. And he orchestrated the whole buyout scheme, while he was supposed to be working for this guy. Perhaps that alleviates the irritation this guy feels toward me. I was justified in doing what I did, but I know he didn't see it that way.

Looking at the current weather, and the forecast, it appears I will have to make this trip IFR. A chance I will have to leave here in near-zero visibility, in fog. Fog all along the route. I'm thinking we should move the trip back a little in the day, just for safety. I have no problem doing it, but in a single-engine plane, you take a risk anytime you don't account for the possibility of engine failure at any point in the flight. In fog, you are landing totally blind.

So, we will see. This time of year around here, it is always a juggling act, between morning fog and afternoon thunderstorms.


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