Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just in time for my 3pm student, the rain started more in earnest. It didn't bother me in the least at the time, because only about 5 minutes before she walked in, my finance guy in NC called to let me know of what appeared to be identity theft/ credit card fraud against my account. Yep. Over the weekend, I spent about $300 total, not bad given that I flew almost 10 hours in a plane and had to buy fuel along the way. Unfortunately, the charges from the last few days total over $1,700.

So, I was not at all upset about telling my student that the weather was cancelling the flight. I would have cancelled anyway, to deal with the fraud issue.

A Pilatus PC-12 came flying in this afternoon. This one is based here, and I have flown it a bit. What a great aircraft. I have only flown about 2 hours since getting back from my trip. The reason I made a mental note on my flight time there, is that I was supposed to be flying that Pilatus also.

To keep my personal expenses low, I have been living cheaply. This has included avoiding the desire to go rent an apartment. Dave- the pilot of that Pilatus- has been graciously allowing me to live in his basement for the last 8 months for only $100/month. There are other benefits to living there, aside from the cheap rent. He invites me to fly with him on occasion, and I am not one to quickly turn down the chance to fly a turboprop.

So it was torturous for me last week when I walked in the door and he asked me if I would like to get paid $200/day to fly with him to Alaska, take a bunch of guys all around the state to go fishing, then fly back. $1,800 paycheck for 9 days of flying all around the most beautiful state in the country. I would have done it for free, and even paid my own way. The route would take us from Virginia to Seattle, up the coastline to Sitka, Anchorage, Nome, all the way to Barrow, down to Fairbanks, and return.

As you have surely guessed by now, I didn't go. I'm running a business, and I really don't have anyone around to pawn off all my responsibilities for a week and a half, especially on less than 48 hours notice. I had already planned on a few days away, but 9 days was more than I could justify, so I regretfully declined, being sure to beg him to let me go if he does that trip ever again.

So as Dave taxied in from the runway, I made a mental note of how easily I could have done the trip after all. My vacation was extended for weather reasons. His trip was cut short by a day. All of what I accomplished in the interim between my return and his, could easily have been put off a couple days.

So now I am kicking myself for not having done it. Most of the time, I love the impulsive quick decision to travel somewhere. My mother recognized this early on in my life, and even now, when I talk to her on the phone, one of her first questions is "where are you now?" But this time, my sense of responsibility overpowered the wanderlust, and I'm not sure it should have.

So I just have to hope that kind of opportunity comes along again sometime soon.


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