Thursday, July 28, 2005

Looks like flying is a no-go today. Joe showed up just 5 minutes after the rain started. We had planned to do ground instruction in prep for the checkride, which we hope is in the next week or so. But the rains are hard and steady, and not going away any time soon here. My 6pm flight is off too, most likely.

DC and I are now having to get back down to Tennessee. The $40,000 worth of avionics in the plane were installed after insurance declarations, so they are not included. That means we have to remove all of it before the insurance rep gets there. We figure it will be marked as a total loss on the airplane. When they do that, if the avionics are not removed we lose them, and the insurance company walks away with an easy way to recoup some of their losses. We are going to try to fly down there in the next few days with our mechanic.
We found out more detail about the situation with the DiamondStar's forced return home yesterday. We had thought perhaps there was an icing event. The pilot went back to the plane late yesterday and looked more carefully. What he found was partial remains of a bird. Just one wing. He doesn't recall hitting one, so it may have been done prior. At least we can be reassured that there isn't a problem with the plane itself. Good, because that's what I will be using to fly back down there.

I managed a few photos of the plane from my cellphone camera. I was just showing them to Joe. Interesting to look back at them. As soon as I can figure out how to get them off my phone, I'll post them.


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