Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mmmmm, Iced Mocha

Thunderstorms were not predicted, at least until 5pm. But around 4, it started. All the better that we didn't extend the pleasure trip. I was half tempted to convince him we ought to go visit the Outer Banks. As it was though, we got back with an hour to spare before the storm hit. And what a storm it is. Just starting to dissipate now.

When it was starting to rumble, Brett from the medevac crew next door mentioned it to me, so I'd have time to close the car windows. Seconds later, it was pouring. While still outside, lightning struck the runway, about 4,000 feet away. Time to be indoors.

One of the others from the medevac had already made a run to Barnes & Noble, to get a supply of coffee-related beverages, and she had offered to get me something. So now, I'm watching the light show from a safe, indoor vantage, and enjoying my drink. Mmmmmmmm.


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