Friday, July 15, 2005

Timing is every.............thing. oops

As the skies darkened yesterday, I had to smile. Not a happiness kind of smile, more of an admission of defeat kind. The day had started out cloudy, and I really figured on my flights being cancelled. Then it began to look much better.

Then I looked at the radar. I thought I would have perhaps an hour of local flying I could accomplish with my 1:00 student. But she had to take her son to a doctor. Some kind of weird rash. The result was, that by by the time a flight was possible, the rain had begin in earnest.

I started looking at the outlook for the evening, and decided that my later flight would be unlikely. So I called Joe and we cancelled, allowing me to get out of the office, and do a few reasonably useful things during the afternoon, rather than wait around.

About an hour after committing to getting other things done, the skies cleared, and I started kicking myself for giving up on the day.

This morning, I think I did it to myself again.

I had a student call late yesterday and leave a message, wanting to get a flight to Wilmington, NC. I couldn't do it, because of previous appointments. But as I left the house this morning, driving through the fog, I realized that my other flights were VFR, and would likely be cancelled. This one would have been IFR, and no terribly big deal, plowing through the clouds. It would have required a takeoff into low IFR conditions, but that is still feasible, and would have resulted in a nice 4-hour roundtrip flight.

Now I just have to wait, and hope the weather clears a bit more.


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