Monday, July 25, 2005

What to buy, what to buy.....


Current temperature: 99
Current heat index: 113
Current density altitude: 3,800 feet

Those tie the highest numbers I remember seeing here in the five years I've been in Virginia. I should be heading off to Hot Springs, VA, which is already at 3,792 feet, but has a current density altitude of 6,000. Would be good to test a plane for some future high-elevation airports.

Scott came by for a few minutes not long ago. He and Jay are the owners of the aircraft here. Good guys to work for. He had to drop off some items for me, most importantly a usb memory stick, so I can more easily get him the billing data. For security purposes, the computer housing all the important secret stuff is not connected to the internet. So that makes my life a little easier.

He also updated me on the status of the next plane we are getting. A Diamond DA42 TwinStar. We are all excited about that, and only wish it would show up sooner. We went with the Lycoming engines, mainly for speed, and availability of maintenance personnel who are familiar with those engines. It looks like the cruise speed will be right about 200 knots. Not as efficient as the turbo-diesel engine version, but a bit faster.

What Scott really wants is a Pilatus PC-12. I got him convinced of that a while back, when we flew one. I managed to get him some time in the front seat, and he loved it. He might think about settling for a Piper Meridian though. Hey, either one would be fine by me. I won't complain any.

The other day while I was off to Williamsburg, he and Jay took the DA40 DiamondStar to Tangier Island. As fun as that was, he gets excited thinking that the same trip in the TwinStar would be only about 40 minutes. Hey, that excites me too, especially if I get to go along on the trip. I will get to train him in the plane, and fly him on business trips, so I will get my share of cockpit time. Too bad it will still take at least 5 more months to get the airplane.


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