Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crash Narrative

I'd been checking the website for the National Transportation Safety Board, lately, looking for the report on our crash. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to show up. It finally did though. Read the quick summary, and the full narrative.

A couple interesting things stick out to me. They listed the accident as "factual" not "preliminary." I'm not an expert, but that seems to indicate to me that they are going with my narrative as the finalized version. That's good.

That probably means that the report that the original FAA inspector filed will be ignored. Another good thing. So when the district office in Richmond decides what to do about it, they will have my report to work from. My sense from talking to the head honcho in Richmond is that he would be amenable to the idea of just letting it all go with no administrative action. A very good thing. I'd have no qualms about taking a 709 ride, but it would just be a pain.

Of course, whenever the government gets involved in anything, you can't over-estimate how badly they can mess things up.


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