Sunday, August 21, 2005

How to Follow Rules Which Aren't Listed

A couple things concern me about the events of yesterday. I spent a solid 9 hours dealing with the mess that had become my computer. I'm sure that information was sent out using my name, I just don't know what it was.

On browsing through some various searches, I discovered that my blog has been listed as spam in several places. That really concerns me. There are only two possible reasons for it: Either the plague on my computer caused that, or my playing with the tags for postings caused it.

If the former, then I really hope that won't affect my future postings, and being listed in websearches. If the latter, then I have to wonder why there is no stated limit to the number of tags permitted before the blog is considered a splog. (Mark Cuban coined that term, I believe, and writes a good article about it in that link).

I am not out to "toe the line" there, merely to set up tags with relevance. But how many tags is too many? 5? 10? I just have to hope that I don't cross that line, while trying to get my legitimate content noticed. I'm not a computer-savvy type of person. I don't just automatically know the rules. Anyone with better knowledge of this, feel free to give me suggestions.

Perhaps sploggers can also be targets of my vigilante-justice group. I guess their punishments wouldn't be as bad as those reserved for creators of viruses and spyware though.

Now I'm off to conduct some self-flagellation as punishment for having possibly, (but unintentionally), splogged.

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At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

Can't help you out as I'm not computer savvy either, but if you find out about what's acceptable in this cyber world and where you are considered to be spam, could you let us know, I'd be interested in learning more about it all.


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