Sunday, August 14, 2005

Not-So-Friendly Competition

DA40 Glass Cockpit
The last few days, I have observed an interesting trend. I had been talking casually with one of the students at the other school on the field. He expressed interest in getting checked out in the Diamond, to rent them. I got him checked out two days ago. Then after that, he rented the plane, and took up one of the instructors from there. That instructor got checked out today, and is going to do the glass cockpit checkout too. Now, that first student is renting the plane again, to take up another student from there.

The only difficulty I have here, is that I don't currently have a multi-engine plane, or anything complex for the commercial requirements. I can use a Mooney owned by the charter company here, but I'm stuck for aircraft at the moment.

If this trend continues, I suspect I will hear complaining again from next door, as a rumor. About once every month or two, one of the owners here tells me about something that one of the owners next door is claiming about what I do. Most recently, I was accused of seeking out their students to try to drag them away.

I knew that would happen plenty, right from the start. The Diamond was a new aircraft on the field last summer, and when I started flying it, I still had several friends at the other school. They wanted to see it, and a couple other instructors there did too. I was accused of trying to steal instructors.

The owners know better than to believe the stories they hear, but it irritates me still, that the lies keep coming. I never once approached a student or instructor there, to convince them to come over here. I let them what whatever they do. That is their business.


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