Monday, August 01, 2005

Say it ain't so, Joe

Two consecutive flights, Joe has struggled with everything. I've seen that look before in other peoples eyes. It is the look of wondering if they should just give up. The thing that bugs me is that he is probably the most capable student I've ever dealt with who has given me that look. I've never gotten that look from someone who really wasn't cut out for flying. Those just go merrily along, believing they are just as good as anybody else.

I really don't want to see him quit at this point. He's just struggling with a few things, and it is largely from having been stuck not flying for most of a couple weeks. Now his muscles have forgotten to use rudder instead of aileron to hold heading in the stall. He looks out through the haze and can't find a horizon, and that starts to give him trouble. He's losing focus.

Some people shouldn't fly. But he's not one of them. Now, he has only a few days before two consecutive business trips. He sees no benefit in flying in that span, so it will be 2 1/2 weeks until the possibility arises again. Sometimes that's all it takes to get someone playing mind games, and end up never touching a plane again. I sure hope that isn't the case here.


At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Ruth Holman said...

Hi there
I hope Joe doesn't give up.. he would regret it if he ever came to making that decision. From the little I've read about what you've said, he's got what it takes to be a good pilot.

Hope you find somewhere good to live soon. I had a stage last year where we seemed to be moving every few months. We've been in this current house since December, although the lease runs out this December,hopefully we can renew.

I've certainly had times where I've wondered if I should give up the idea of flying - not just because of the money. I'm not that quick with practical things and lack some confidence. I'm sure I would not be the easiest of students to teach because of that. I LOVE flying, and I would always regret it if I never flew again. That's why it's good to read about others flying, it does encourage me to keep thinking about it. That's why I decided to get back to the aero club to go through those checks too. I'm also working through some strategies to help me when I do go back for lessons. Now don't laugh, but one of the things I always found hard was dipping the tanks on the Cessna. High wing monoplane= big step up on foothold for shorter people= embarrassment when people are out on the aero club deck watching you fail to get up on the foothold or fall off it LOL! Strategy no. 1- find a small light portable stool to take out to the plane to stand on first!

Have a good rest of the day


P.S I have my own blog now- rather boring entries from me so far!!

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous christine said...

When I was doing my private, I also came to a point where I was seriously wondering whether or not I should quit or at least take a good long break. What happened was the weather and some other things forced me to not fly much for maybe three weeks. It was so bad to be not flying that I was determined to go back and keep trying no matter what. Maybe your student's forced break will cause the same thing to happen for him.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger also-known-as said...

The weather was certainly a factor in Joe's problems. I had taken 5 days off for a much-needed vacation. Then the next couple weeks were plagued with fog and thunderstorms. Think about what minimum visibility you need as a student to feel comfortable doing stalls and steep turns. We never seemed to be able to get what he needed.

Now, he has business trips that will prevent him from flying for another 2 weeks. I figure that one of two things will happen: either he decides he can't manage it, or he comes back ready to focus on it. I'm really hoping for the latter.


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