Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Strange Workings Afoot

Ever since returning from Florida, I've been a little confused. My car is a 1993 Honda Civic with 208,000 miles on it. It has problems. The specific problem here is that the left rear tire keeps going flat. I've been having to add air every two days. (I'm too cheap right now to bother getting a new tire just yet).

So I expected that after returning from a four-day trip, I would find the tire almost completely flat. Not so. It was full of air. I didn't need to add any. I thought that strange, but kept going about my business. Now, it has been another four days, and the tire is still full. So I'm a little bit puzzled as to why. Either the tire miraculously healed itself, or someone keeps adding air for me.

This morning would have been as I predicted: a takeoff in low IFR conditions, with fog. I had been looking forward to the trip. But the Indiana trip may get brought up to Friday, so that is close enough.

There's nothing so boring as continually flying the same planes in the same places. Most of us don't have access to very many different models of plane, so we have to find our enjoyment from the travel aspect. Flight instructors suffer from that at least as much as anyone else. Without instrument students, you just don't get much cross-country flying.

Lately, that part has worked well for me. So I can't complain.


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