Saturday, August 06, 2005

That was a lot of sleep last night. I don't normally get more than 7 hours, 9 if I am really tired and can afford to sleep in. Last night it was 11 hours. Sure did feel good though. After that, I spent some time watching a movie and cleaning house. I had to move out of the basement I was living in, and went back to an uninhabited house belonging to my brother-in-law's father. Just about everything I own is in that house, and plenty of it is useless to me, so I've been trying to clear out my things, while generally making the place look nicer. The owners are staying there for a few days starting tonight, so I wanted it to look better than the last time they showed up.

I don't have any flying scheduled today, which doesn't really bother me any. I have to get all my logs in order, so I can take them to Richmond FSDO and present them for examination regarding the crash. Fun stuff. I don't have anything to hide, but occasionally when the FAA is looking at these things, they like to dig. If there are any mistakes in there, I will gladly own up to them.

Meanwhile, DC is getting all of his stuff in order. Wednesday, he is heading to Georgia to check out another possibility for a replacement airplane. I'm not actually sure if I will be flying him down there or not. That's the Alarus CH2000, which I suspect he will not buy. I'm sure he will decide it doesn't have enough legroom. He's only a couple inches shorter than me, and I was really crammed in when I flew one.


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