Thursday, August 18, 2005

Unusual Encounters

Brewsmith and I were discussing programming code issues this morning. It turned into a frustrating conversation. Here's the basic rundown of how it went:

He gives me useful information. I am confused, and ask questions about it. Meanwhile, he is explaining something vital. I am busy trying to figure out something in the information he gave, which I need to know before my brain will move on to the other things he is telling me. I ask a bunch of questions. He is answering questions I am not asking, but should be. He is getting frustrated, because he's giving me everything I should need. I'm frustrated because he isn't answering the questions I'm asking, and I can't process what he's telling me until I get other questions answered. I have to repeat questions. I am busy totally confusing and frustrating him. I have a knack for that.

I desperately needed coffee at that point.

So I wandered over to the general aviation area, and drank coffee while commiserating with one of the women who attends the desk there.

As we were talking, a King Air pulls in and parks. Happens all the time. I was watching the men get out, when I noticed that one of them looks remarkably like my youngest sister's father-in-law. I thought it odd, but knew that he rides in a Cessna 421.

After he walked by, we recognized each other. Yes, that was him. He didn't know that I was based here, and I didn't know that he was coming up this way from Asheville, NC. He works in the propane industry, and his company is putting a facility in up here, so he will be visiting more often.

Nothing more to the story really. Just one of those odd encounters, where you see someone you know in a totally different context.


At 5:29 PM, Blogger adr said...

Hopefully you resisted breaking out into a hearty refrain of Disney's "Its' a small world after all song". I always think they should turn that ride into a shooting gallery. :)

At 6:39 AM, Blogger brewsmith said...

Brew: Hey I think I figured out an answer to your problem from yesterday, I have been working on it for a couple of hours this morning.
AKA: Great, tell me what to do
Brew: You can add your tag data to your template, are you ready for instructions?
AKA: Sure, but what are those funny little tabs on the bottom of my keyboards "F" and "J" buttons?
Brew: Ok here is a copy of my code {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}
AKA: So where do I put that?
Brew: Into your template on top of your [head] tag
AKA: Your not answering my questions!!
AKA: THe tabs, what about the tabs?
Brew: Have you had coffee yet?
AKA: Just answer the question!!

I should have skipped the coffee, and went for the beer!!

Cheers dude!


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