Saturday, August 06, 2005

What happens when I have extra time....

I got to playing around with Google maps. That can be a bad thing, if I have anything else I am supposed to be doing. But since today that isn't a problem, I am presenting, primarily for my own amusement, the google maps of the airports I visited this week. If anyone else gets amused in the process, all the better.

Here is Perry-Foley Airport, just south of the urban sprawl of greater downtown metropolitan Perry, Florida.

Next on the list is Keystone, FL. This is where I met my friend Neil and spent an evening relaxing. You will begin to notice a trend. There are a bunch of small, practically abandoned airports all over Florida that used to be military airports. Thus, the multiple runways, some of which are never used any more.

The next day I did a touch & go at Gainesville, (I'm not a Gators fan, so I wanted to move quickly), then turned north to Lake City, FL. I had raced a storm in, gotten a little wet, and had a tough time getting a car or any other services. But I had it better than the guy who did a gear-up landing in his Bonanza. So I wasn't complaining. (The people at the FBO were very nice, it was just a small airport that didn't have much to offer. My timing was probably more at fault than anything else).

After catching a lift back to the airport, I had decided to stay somewhere with more service options, and maybe even dip my toes in the sand and surf. So I took off for Jacksonville. Nice service there, as expected. They have a huge advantage over smaller, less traveled airports though. Still, at a larger airport, you spend a lot of time taxiing. I landed on runway 13 (lower one in the picture, and traveling down toward the right. Then I had to taxi all the way around to the far right side of the picture to park the plane. And that wasn't bad at all by larger airport standards.


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