Saturday, January 21, 2006

Almost ready to go

Getting close to launch now. We expect to depart Monday morning, should all go well with the last bits of installation on the autopilot. Tenative plan is still Memphis on the first day, but weather will be the ultimate deciding factor there.

I've effectively eliminated working with any students for the last few days beforehand, to give me time to get all the little details worked out. My most recent student- Brad- has made good progress in the short time we've worked together, but I will not get to be the one to endorse him for the first solo. Two weeks with constant scheduling and weather issues, just wasn't enough time for that to get done.

I've started feeling that sense of relief, from having the burden of daily operations lifted, and a bit of cautious feeling, hoping I haven't forgotten anything, and a whole bunch of excitement. DC doesn't quite know what he's getting into. My last trip west, we spent plenty of that time dealing with weather delays. There are a few hot spots for weather right now, but no way to predict anything about the entire next month, so we will just have to make that a daily decision, figuring out where the weather is, and where to go to avoid it.

So, preparations continue.....


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