Monday, January 30, 2006

A little more detail

A little more information now, on our trip so far:

1/24: SHD-TRI-GCY-BNA, 6.0 flight hours.

1/25: BNA-PHT-CEY-M34-CIR-FAM-JEF-BUM-EMP-ICT, 7.9 flight hours.

1/26: ICT-DDC-GCK-MCK, 3.7 flight hours.

1/27: MCK-AKO-CYS-GXY-PUB, 5.2 flight hours.

1/28: PUB-AEG-GUP-INW-SDL, 8.2 flight hours.

TOTALS: 31.0 flight hours
20 new airports not previously visited
4 new states previously not flown into
highest elevation airport so far: GUP, 6,472 feet above sea level.

This morning, we set off, but we aren't yet sure where. The preferred route will take us from Scottsdale to Prescott. From there, we will go toward Sedona and Flagstaff, but will probably not land at either of those, for density altitude considerations. I think as it is, we are probably limited to less than 7,000 foot field elevations, and even those will require space around them to maneuver while climbing slowly.

From there, we may go north and get to Page Municipal, on Lake Powell in Glen Canyon. I would like to make a small side trip into Marble Canyon, only 12 miles from there. That is essentially the beginning of the Grand Canyon. Shouldn't be a major issue there.

Either we will spend the night there, or press on. Hopefully the next segment after that will take us into southern Utah, and around the canyon toward Las Vegas. After that, if all goes well, we are heading to Death Valley.

From there, who knows. More later.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger adr said...

Think you'll fit Alaska into this jaunt or save it for a later adventure?

At 2:20 AM, Blogger kiwiruth said...

I'm enjoying reading about where you're going. I'm going to have to study an atlas very hard, as I'm not too sure where in the States it all fits in! I know you're heading westish anyway. I had another lesson on Sunday and it's going much better than I expected. Have to save up some more money before I have another lesson though.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger also-known-as said...

Ruth, one thing you can do is go to, select the airports section, and type in the identifier I listed. If the identifier is all letters (no numbers), then add a "k" at the beginning. That will give you some idea at least, and let you possibly see a picture of the airports also.

If I had more time in front of a computer when I do get the chance, I could give a lot more detail. But my chances have been limited so far. The rest of the details will just have to get filled in after I get home.


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