Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Taking it to the woodshed

So I had that much-needed conversation with Mrs. Confusion today. Unfortunately, it had to be by phone. My intention here, was not to anger her, but to motivate her to either start working at this for real, or give up completely. I had wanted to get her in, and administer the very same pre-solo written test I gave her 8 months ago. I would bet good money she couldn't pass it. (I told her as much).

The gist of it all was, if she was willing to put forth some actual effort to gain and retain the knowledge, and show up with real effort and mental readiness to be flying, then I would help her in any way I can, once I get back from this trip. If not, then we are done flying. As much as I like the money, I am not willing to sit there and keep saying she's almost ready, when I know she isn't.

Not surprisingly, I got a call about 15 minutes later. It was the other instructor she deals with a little bit. She went crying to her husband, and he called this guy, to call me and get a little explanation. Now, I like this guy. We had a bit of falling out at points, and I can't agree with some of the things he both did and allowed to happen when he owned the flight school. But he is still likable. I explained the situation, and discussed it with him in detail, telling him that I'm headed west for a month or so. Then I wished him luck. I have no doubt that she will start flying exclusively with him, and would, regardless of whether or not I was leaving. I have at least some doubts that I will ever get paid for the last $300 or so that she owes me.

So I made it clear that I had to upset her a little, in order to get the point across. I've been really tactful about it for way too long, and she has never processed a single bit of that. So being nice just didn't work. I still suspect that she just doesn't have the capacity for actual proficiency. I'd love to believe I am wrong about that.

Either way, I had to be honest about it all. This other instructor may well get her through the license. I've doubted it before, and been wrong. He may well cut some corners to do it. I'm sure he has more patience for some of these things than I do, so perhaps he will manage. I have plenty of patience for lack of talent, but very little for lack of effort. Maybe she will actually learn something, maybe not, but that is his job now.

So I wished him luck. He's gonna be needing it.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger MexiAlice said...

good bye and good riddance, i say!!

At 5:00 AM, Blogger kiwiruth said...

I've been sitting here this evening going back over my briefing notes and lists of checks.. I've booked a lesson for next week- and my son has a helicopter lesson booked. Maybe it's better incentive for me if he is learning stuff too. Wonder what will happen with Mrs Confusion? I'll be looking forward to hearing- and I REALLY hope she starts getting serious about flying! (or gives up)


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