Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Hurry up and wait. That's been the plan since we got here. We hurried up to Toronto, and they didn't start working on installing the equipment. That was then planned for 9am. we got breakfast, and waited. Then it was to be 10am. Then "we'll call when we are ready." Almost noon now, and still waiting.

Sitting around the hotel room, I can't help but be amused, because I am getting paid for this. Still, I'd rather be out doing a test flight, than playing on the laptop and watching television. We expect to be here tonight at this rate. originally, we were thinking we might be halfway to Florida by now.

Unlike Mike, I actually remembered to bring a jacket. Good thing, as a cold front is coming through, and it will be freezing tonight. Then we are headed to south Florida, where the high's will be near 90. Quite a change.


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