Monday, May 22, 2006


Summary of the last month:

Toronto, Ontario (2 days). Panama City, FL (2 days). Sarasota, FL (5 days). back to Panama City (1 day). Back to Sarasota (5 days). Back to Toronto (2 days). Home for three days. Off to Bloomington, IL (5 days). Frederick, MD (2 days). Rochester, NY (one day so far).

I always liked to travel. I'm getting that wish in spades now. Four weeks since I took my first flight assignment, I've logged 122 flight hours. That's about as fast as I could have imagined.

Flying the plane in normal conditions is really no big deal now. It doesn't feel big anymore. Or fast. It is just a plane. The runways seem bigger lately.

I still feel behind on learning the systems. Partly, that is because they have upped my schedule. A week from today, they want me to begin the process of upgrading to Captain. That feels way too quick to me. Of course, I tend to think I need to know everything there could possibly be to know, before I start that. The truth is, thats what the training will be for. Still, I was originally told they hoped I could upgrade by July. Now we are talking about the end of May, just 5 weeks after I started flying.

I've settled into a nice groove. This is the second captain I've dealt with. They both have their differences, but both have been good. Willing to answer all the questions I come up with. Or willing to admit not knowing the answer sometimes (that can tend to be an exception to the rule).

The last two days we've dealt with the more tiring side of this job. Flying around northern Maryland, in gusty, turbulent winds. Strong enough that the autopilot couldn't keep a steady altitude. That meant we had to fly by hand the entire time. But all went well.

We made it to Rochester, NY this afternoon. Now, sitting in my hotel room, listening to the wind howling past my window, I suspect tomorrow will be more of the same.


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